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Optimize your Amazon Ad campaigns and improve your advertising ROI

Why Choose Search Nurture Amazon Marketing Agency?

Amazon Advertising Dashboard

Measure and Optimize Your Ad Campaigns

Custom dashboards to track and understand what drives your performance. As part of the Amazon Advertising Beta API Program, Search Nurture has access to data you won’t find elsewhere. Updated automatically and daily, you will be able to understand everything that’s going on in your account.

Amazon Advertising Dashboard

Increase Your Sales and Raise Brand Awareness

Applying years of experience from other PPC channels, Search Nurture has unique and advanced methods for building accounts to maximize your sales. This isn’t just what you see in returns from Amazon Advertising – this increases your overall sales as well by activating the “Amazon Flywheel.”

Amazon Advertising Dashboard

Optimize Your Advertising Spend

Getting a deep understanding of where your product goals and profitability lies is the first step. Figuring out where it’s profitable for Amazon is the second (so they push your products too). Using that information to influence how your Amazon Marketing Spend is applied is the third. We make sure every dollar goes as far as it can and works for your business.

To the left are results from a happy client that were produced in under a month of restructuring their previous agencies’ campaigns.

Search Nurture Amazon Vendor Central Tool

Access the Amazon Advertising In-House Tool

Search Nurture has access to brand new betas in Amazon, including the Amazon Advertising API and Self Serve AAP. The Amazon Advertising API has allowed Search Nurture to create a custom Amazon Advertising Management tool with access to data and management features that cannot be done directly. This allows us to deliver scalable, accurate, and efficient adjustments to your account that would cost much more and require 24/7 monitoring for humans to deliver.

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