Best Practices for Images & Video on Amazon

Published on: July 7, 2023

With limited creative options when selling on Amazon, it is essential to capitalize where possible. Utilizing image and video content throughout your Product Detail Pages, Brand Store, and A+ Content is a great way to create a cohesive and engaging experience for your consumer as you grow your brand on Amazon. Strong lifestyle image and video content will help you stand out in a competitive marketplace like Amazon. 

Where Should You Start to Stand Out on Amazon?

It is best practice to have 5-7 images on each Product Detail Page and 1-2 videos. Lifestyle and infographic images are a great way to inform your consumer about product and brand callouts in a more creative light than bullet points or descriptions. In addition, a visually cohesive listing will increase the time shoppers spend on your product and learning all you have to offer. 

A+ Content appears at the button of your listing, will support your SEO efforts, and is an opportunity to tell your brand/product story and connect with your audience. With many module options, A+ Content allows you to creatively and strategically showcase your brand on Amazon and how you stand out.

Brand Stores emulate a website experience on Amazon and are a perfect way to engage shoppers throughout their experience with your brand. With so many creative options for layouts, categorization of pages, and Amazon Posts, this feature is one to take full advantage of! Tracking Store insights is also a great way to test and learn the formatting most exciting to your brand followers. 

Win the Home Decor Game

With so much competition for home decor items, your creative will play a massive role in making or breaking your growth on Amazon. Peak seasonal periods are prime times to utilize strong content across PDPs, A+ Content, and Brand Stores to showcase the versatility of your item and get consumers engaging with your brand for their home decor interests. Implementing seasonal creative 30-45 days before any holiday or event will increase product recognition and conversion rates because consumers can better visualize the product in use as they begin planning their purchases. Implementing this content into Sponsored Brand and Display ads will increase awareness and drive traffic to your products and brand.

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