Jergens exceeds expectations with Instacart Ads

Published on: September 23, 2021

This case study, done in collaboration with Instacart, takes a look at the work Search Nurture has done for Jergens US with Instacart advertising.  We’re happy to share some fantastic results that exceeded the clients goals and help to show that Instacart is indeed a viable and profitable retail platform for CPG brands to advertise on.

Jergens saw an incredible basket penetration increase at 289%, which was 77% past their efficiency goal! Early results like these showed the client the value of the platform and led them to increase their budget for even greater sales.

Want to learn how Jergens grew so much?

Shopping trends are steadily moving to the digital space, creating a lot of opportunity for a brand like Jergens. More consumers are not only buying apparel online but have started to purchase essentials like groceries there too. Search Nurture advised Jergens to invest in Instacart ads to follow the trend. Jergens was a perfect match for Instacart Ads, the stores already carried the products and the number of online shoppers continued to grow, providing greater opportunity for sales.

View the PDF below for the full case study or read it on Instacarts blog.

Download PDF.





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