Brand Marketing Specialist

Brand Marketing Specialist, Marketing

This role focuses on improving the Search Nurture brand, internally and externally. You will be responsible for creating our tone and appearance and ensuring that the entire organization consistently upholds these characteristics. You will also lead our external marketing efforts as we build a larger social media presence.

The Company & Culture

Collaboration – Productivity – Inspiration – Innovation – Results Oriented – Communication – Accountability – Courage – Positivity – Integrity – Critical Thinking – Honesty – Transparency


  • Organized – you take responsibility for your own schedule and workload. You know what’s expected of you each week and can confidently identify priorities and meet deadlines. If you need assistance you are able to act proactively vs reactivity. You also are knowledgeable and stay on top of compliance requirements.
  • Strong Communicator – Excellent people management skills; ability to train, oversee, coach, mentor, and resolve conflicts remotely with strong communication skills.
  • Respectful – ability to respect team members even when disputes may arise. Everyone has their own ideas and perceptions and we will respect these even when we don’t agree.
  • Problem Solver – you don’t stop at the first roadblock. Using your resources you find a solution while thinking outside of the box.
  • Self-Motivated – without needing pressure from others you have the desire to grow and improve your current skill set.
  • Critical Thinker – you’re able to make logical and informed decisions.
  • Self Aware – you’re able to recognize responses or actions that are appropriate for that time and place. You are also able to identify when you need help.

Technical Skills

  • Prior experience with social media management such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Glassdoor.
  • Extreme attention to detail as your items will be a direct reflection on Search Nurture as a brand.
  • Experience using g-suite products.
  • Familiar with WordPress and landing page production.


  • Improve and build brand marketing material to be used internally and externally.
    Coordinate objectives with account management, sales, and people operations for items needed for brand management.
    Be a creative leader and production resource for the team: create a wide range of content to suit purposes/business needs including case studies, decks, templates, and scripts.
    Continually evaluate and recommend new marketing solutions to assess what best meets changing business needs and best aligns with company goals.
  • Help promote uniformity and consistency of the brand.
    Create templates for Account Management, Sales, and internal usage.
    Ensure that guides are consistently being used by team members and that updates to guides are made when needed.
    Build a strong relationship across the organization to be sought as an expert on brand marketing items.
    Proactively promote and lead activities to contribute to the adoption of company brand standards.
  • Manage and enhance a strong digital experience across multiple platforms.
    Drive qualified marketing leads from our website as well as other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, etc.
    Create a content calendar that is sustainable and that involves content creation from the entire company.
    Leverage customer insight data to refine brand management.
    Analyze what our competitors are doing and how we can do it better. In our industry, how can we get noticed over others?
    Create a visually pleasing and easy to use the site for potential clients or employees to view.
  • Have the desire to grow!
    We encourage you to take on new challenges when able. If you haven’t done a task or project before, ask questions and learn.
    Gain knowledge from team members. Our team is filled with knowledge!
    In order for our company to grow, we foster employee growth. We’ll help any teammate get to the next level in their career given they display a desire to get there.
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