Head of SEO

Head of SEO

This role is responsible for leading all things SEO at Search Nurture, including owning the operational development and maintenance of channel processes and strategies, financial performance, and growth to ensure alignment with overall company goals and objectives.

The Company & Culture

Collaboration – Productivity – Inspiration – Innovation – Results Oriented – Communication – Accountability – Courage – Positivity – Integrity – Critical Thinking – Honesty – Transparency


  • Campaign Strategy – You have a deep understanding of how to leverage SEO to achieve digital marketing goals and can advise and support team members on how they can do the same.
  • Strong Communicator – Excellent people management skills; ability to train, oversee, coach, mentor, and resolve conflicts remotely with strong communication skills.
  • Process Leader – You lead the way with the development and maintenance of Search Nurture SEO processes and best practices.
  • Thought Leader – Your colleagues look to you as a thought leader and love coming to you for advice and mentorship for their own development.
  • Organized – you take responsibility for your own schedule and workload. You know what’s expected of you each week and can confidently identify priorities and meet deadlines. If you need assistance you are able to act proactively vs reactivity. You also are knowledgeable and stay on top of compliance requirements.
  • Respectful – ability to respect team members even when disputes may arise. Everyone has their own ideas and perceptions and we will respect these even when we don’t agree.
  • Problem Solver – you don’t stop at the first roadblock. Using your resources you find a solution while thinking outside of the box.
  • Self-Motivated – without needing pressure from others you have the desire to grow and improve your current skill set.
  • Critical Thinker – you’re able to make logical and informed decisions.

Technical Skills

  • Strong experience with WordPress and basic HTML and CSS, Ahrefs, SEMRush, Screaming Frog, and other SEO analytics tools
  • Strong experience with analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, and Google Search Console.
  • Expert data skills (analytics, reporting, Excel / Google Spreadsheets formulas) including analyzing data using pivot tables, using queries to find the data you are looking for quickly, and using formulas such as VLookup.
  • Expert experience using PowerPoint or similar to create and deliver impactful client and internal team presentations.


  • Maximize client retention and potential growth opportunities.
    Interface with client facing team to provide extensive feedback and insight on strategies, tactics, performance as well as additional opportunities for expansion.
    Responsible for overseeing the execution of client campaigns to the Search Nurture standard and the continued positive performance and growth within each channel.
    Engage, understand and implement new techniques, strategies and technologies to improve overall account performance.
    Keep up to date with latest changes in the industry to ensure Search Nurture is at the forefront of advancement.
    Continue to focus on and improve client satisfaction and retention through ongoing touch points.
    Drive SEO (and overall company) growth through new business opportunities, increased media spend and cross channel opportunities.
    Focus on revenue retention, increased product adoption and channel media spend.
    Develop approach to cross sell additional channel services.
    Ensure accurate billing, forecasting and reporting.
  • Improve team member retention, growth, and development.
    Provide support and ensure team members have the tools, training, and resources to achieve success for their clients and themselves.
    Identify performance gaps proactively and take management action.
    Foster strong communication with direct reports to make sure they are able to bring concerns or questions to leadership.
    Encourage team work with a productive and inclusive team environment where team members can collaborate, innovate and support each other to maximize team synergies.
  • Improve company-wide processes and performance.
    Interviewing and assessing high potential or highly skilled team members in an extremely competitive niche.
    Contributing to the team’s strategic mission and goals by participating as a member of the Leadership Team.
    Demonstrate all company values at a high level and lead these by example.
    Ensure Search Nurture is upholding the highest standards in account management.
    Set standards on new optimization tools / techniques
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