Lead Engineer

Lead Engineer

This role will focus on developing software to provide real solutions. The main goal is to address the entire development lifecycle – to analyse the needs, and then design, test and develop software in order to meet those needs.

The Company & Culture

Collaboration – Productivity – Inspiration – Innovation – Results Oriented – Communication – Accountability – Courage – Positivity – Integrity – Critical Thinking – Honesty – Transparency


  • Organized – you take responsibility for your own schedule and workload. Priorities may shift often depending on new errors or business needs, being able to successfully balance these fast-changing items is necessary.
  • Strong Communicator – you speak clearly and concisely in addition to understanding how to listen carefully, making sure any confusion is cleared up right away. Being able to explain complex engineering concepts in simple terms is a huge plus.
  • Respectful – ability to respect team members even when disputes may arise. Everyone has their own ideas and perceptions and we will respect these even when we don’t agree.
  • Problem Solver – you don’t stop at the first roadblock. The engineering team will be responsible for finding and resolving issues team members are facing from a technical standpoint.
  • Self-Motivated – without needing pressure from others you have the desire to grow and improve your current skill set.
  • Critical Thinker – you’re able to make logical and informed decisions.
  • Collaborative – although this is a small engineering team, you will be working closely with the entire organization on multiple projects.

Technical Skills

  • 3+ years of development experience with python and django or equivalent web stack.
  • 3+ years of experience with Postgres (PostgreSQL) and working with large datasets.
  • Exposure to Kubernetes deployments.
  • Experience using the additional following tools: Redis and Google Cloud


  • Maintain code and documentation.
    Monitor possible bugs and fix them quickly as they arise.
    As the only internal engineer, ensure that the engineering team is set up for success for contracted engineers to understand where documentation can be found and trust that it is up to date.
    Create code that is understandable and testable by other non-engineering teams.
  • Plan for possible future expansions, additions or removals.
    Proactively identify company needs for any of the above.
    Working closely with other teams to plan for company needs proactively.
  • Infrastructure/ security
    Feature development – need tools to do something it doesnt do already
    Benchmarking towards market
  • Lead with influence.
    This role plays an instrumental part in the team’s improved effectiveness by creating more efficient processes.
    You’ll build trust and credibility through actions and results; getting buy-in from your fellow team members and contracted engineers is key.
    Partner with the Director of Retail Ads and Technology to define specific feature specifications needed.
    Due to other engineers working at different hours, identify best times to work on projects that require strong collaboration.
    Share engineering knowledge and expertise with team members who are newer to the technology we are using.
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