People Operations Manager

People Operations Manager

This role focuses on improving the employee lifecycle for the entire organization. Not only will this role focus on the well-being of employees, but they also continuously implement and improve current organizational processes. In order to be successful as the People Operations Manager, you must believe that happy & productive staff are the heart of a company.

The Company & Culture

Collaboration – Productivity – Inspiration – Innovation – Results Oriented – Communication – Accountability – Courage – Positivity – Integrity – Critical Thinking – Honesty – Transparency


  • Organized – you take responsibility for your own schedule and workload. You know what’s expected of you each week and can confidently identify priorities and meet deadlines. If you need assistance you are able to act proactively vs reactivity. You also are knowledgeable and stay on top of compliance requirements.
  • Strong Communicator – Excellent people management skills; ability to train, oversee, coach, mentor, and resolve conflicts remotely with strong communication skills.
  • Respectful – ability to respect team members even when disputes may arise. Everyone has their own ideas and perceptions and we will respect these even when we don’t agree.
  • Problem Solver – you don’t stop at the first roadblock. Using your resources you find a solution while thinking outside of the box.
  • Self-Motivated – without needing pressure from others you have the desire to grow and improve your current skill set.
  • Critical Thinker – you’re able to make logical and informed decisions.
  • Self Aware – you’re able to recognize responses or actions that are appropriate for that time and place. You are also able to identify when you need help.

Technical Skills

  • Experience managing employee systems such as HRIS, Google, Slack, Asana, Tettra, and Zoom.
  • Able to create detailed excel sheets that are efficient and organized.
  • Continuously modernize current systems and processes.


  • Foster culture, training, and professional development.
    Proactively promote and lead activities to contribute to the adoption of company values in action and positive culture.
    Manage the on and offboarding processes.
    Develop, promote, and implement opportunities for employee professional development.
    Work with the leadership team to create or find training for areas of company improvement.
    Think outside of the box for remote team activities that build collaboration and culture.
    Champion and role model our culture, values, and mission, finding ways to continually strengthen them at the company overall.
  • Consistently deliver high-quality deliverables while improving efficiency.
    Collaborate with the leadership team to review, edit, and refine internal processes; Train and hold accountable all employees to these internal processes.
    Ensure that all personnel files are up to date and in compliance with company policy.
    Conduct periodic internal audit spot checks ensuring that the HRIS system and other tools are accurate.
    You are responsible for ensuring that employees understand the standard of work for Search Nurture, which means your work should be error-free.
  • Improve the employee lifecycle while providing white-glove service.
    From recruiting to retirement you should be providing the best experience to employees, with strong communication and a positive approach.
    The well-being of our team is one of your top priorities. You continually monitor employee sentiment, spotting issues before they become problems, and proactively suggesting ways to help everyone reach their full potential.
    You are able to build relationships at every level of the organization. You are equal parts empathetic and objective, able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes but eager to thoughtfully consider all sides of an issue. You are a coach and advisor who inspires trust and is sought out for your ability to deliver thoughtful feedback and unblock potential.
  • Have the desire to grow!
    We encourage you to take on new challenges when able. If you haven’t done a task or project before, ask questions and learn.
    Gain knowledge from team members. Our team is filled with knowledge!
    In order for our company to grow, we foster employee growth. We’ll help any teammate get to the next level in their career given they display a desire to get there.
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