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SEO vs. SEM: Which is Right for You?

SEO vs. SEM: Why It's Important   I can remember a time, from before my work in Digital Marketing, when I first saw the acronym “SEM” and assumed someone had made a strange typo when trying to describe SEO. With only a basic understanding of SEO, adding another...

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The Easiest Way to Build Links: Don’t Ignore Your 404s

404 –Not Found is an error message that many Internet users have most likely come across at least once during their Internet browsing history. Most likely this has come in the form of a 404 error page. But what exactly does it mean? 404 error is an HTTP status code...

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Understanding SEO: Start From The Beginning

What am I going to get from this article? You are going to get a head start on understanding SEO, what SEOs do, and why. This will give you insight into where things are going, what to avoid using a knowledge of search engines, and why SEO is what it is today. A lot...

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