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YouTube Advertising Best Practices

Video is solidly established as the most engaging form of marketing content. Have you incorporated it into your paid advertising strategy? This guide contains some YouTube advertising best practices for any business. Does YouTube Advertising Actually Work? When you...

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The Breakout Guide to Wayfair Advertising for 2022

Wayfair is an influential, fast-growing eCommerce platform. If you are interested in getting your brand and home goods products in front of a wide audience, it’s worth learning how to use Wayfair advertising. Get started by checking out our Wayfair advertising guide...

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Google Ads: Knowing When to Pause Your Keywords

You’ve created your campaign, waited for a couple of weeks to see how it does, and are ready to optimize it. Naturally, you want to see which keywords are performing best and which are costing you money without bringing in any sales. So, you open your Dashboard, raise...

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Instacart Ad Types: Everything You Need to Know

Online grocery is an industry that, until very recently, seemed like some kind of beta test for something that would be popularized in the far future. However, when COVID-19 struck the world, thousands of people no longer felt safe going to get their groceries. That...

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What Are Responsive Search Ads?

Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) is the default Ad type in Google Ads. It was created by Google to maximize your Ads’ efficiency while saving you precious time in both creating and testing your Ads. This form of Google Ads allows marketers and companies to create as many...

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Search Engine Marketing: Negative Keywords 101

“The difference between the almost right word and the right word is the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.” - Mark Twain When it comes to pay-per-click advertising, every keyword counts. So before launching your PPC campaign, you’ve probably done...

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