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Amazon Advertising: The Importance of Branded Terms

What Are Amazon Branded Terms? Branded Terms in Amazon are terms that include your brand name, whether that is only your brand name or used as an adjective for a product you are selling (“Goldbond” vs. “Goldbond lotion.”) When working with clients, strategizing to...

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Jergens exceeds expectations with Instacart Ads

This case study, done in collaboration with Instacart, takes a look at the work Search Nurture has done for Jergens US with Instacart advertising.  We're happy to share some fantastic results that exceeded the clients goals and help to show that Instacart is...

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Instacart Ad Types: Everything You Need to Know

Online grocery is an industry that, until very recently, seemed like some kind of beta test for something that would be popularized in the far future. However, when COVID-19 struck the world, thousands of people no longer felt safe going to get their groceries. That...

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How to Advertise With Instacart Sponsored Products

During recent years, Instacart has emerged as a force of change in the eGrocery industry. For example, in 2020, Instacart generated $35 billion in sales, according to data collected by Business of Apps. In addition, Instacart’s 9.6 million active users represent...

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The Comprehensive Guide to Instacart Advertising

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Instacart has emerged as a top online grocery service in North America, an industry that grew to almost $100 billion in 2020.  And analysts do not predict any signs of slowing, as shown in data collected by Mercatus and Incisiv for...

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Video Ads for E-Commerce: Infographic

Below you'll find an infographic covering the ins and outs of video ads for e-commerce and their best use cases. There is a priority chart for each platforms' ad types to give you a sense of how we prioritize the various options. Read the full blog post from...

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How to Increase Your Amazon Impressions

Increase Impressions Impressions measure the number of times Amazon shows shoppers your Ad, regardless of whether they clicked on it or not. It is one of the key metrics of Amazon Advertising and can be used to check at a glance how well an Ad is...

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