Freddy Hunt

Director of SEO & Content Marketing

Freddy Hunt has always known the value of information. Early in his career, he helped news organizations across the country create and manage digital content. It was in the newsroom where he got hooked on real-time analytics and earned a deep understanding of how people engage with content. 

The transition from journalism to digital marketing came naturally. Freddy enrolled in an MBA program at Davenport University around the same time he joined a scrappy team of SEOs and content marketers. It didn’t take long before he was leading the team and building foundational SEO products – like a proprietary content calendar platform – to help his team succeed and scale.

SEO requires both creativity and data analysis – the perfect blend of art and science. While Freddy has always enjoyed flexing both sides of his brain, he’s also passionate about educating others – clients and teammates alike.

Throughout his career, he has choreographed an SEO and content marketing program that turns to the sound of number crunching and keyboard clicking.

When he’s not taming spreadsheets or delighting clients, Freddy can be found running through the woods or fishing the waters of Northern Michigan. He’s also a volunteer ski instructor, a skilled knitter, an unskilled guitar player, a champion of mindfulness, a beach volleyball captain, a lifelong lacrosse fanatic, and a gourmet chef for his wife and three young kids.

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