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AJ Maiorana

Revenue Operations Manager

Meet AJ, our Revenue Operations Manager!

He graduated from Central Michigan University, earning a degree in Marketing, Logistics, and Sales. Today, AJ is the driving force behind our revenue operations.

AJ’s been winning clients over with a unique mix that’s all his own. His genuine nature, paired with his deep knowledge of the industry, and a touch of sales talent, creates a blend that makes business comfortable and understood. Overflowing with charm, AJ’s passion for helping businesses is truly infectious, transforming interactions into partnerships.

But AJ isn’t only about work. Off the clock, the adventurer in him seeks the thrill of the outdoors. When he’s not creating growth solutions for businesses, AJ can be found charging across rugby fields. His boundless energy matches the enthusiasm he brings to every part of his life.

AJ Maiorana - Revenue Operations Manager | Search Nurture