Launch your career in digital marketing

What’s involved?

You begin by applying and connecting with our career advisors. They’ll speak with you about your career aspirations, your skills, and put give you some initial coursework to test you on. Once you have been accepted, we’ll find the best time for you to start.


Once you begin, the training will be intense. It can be overwhelming at first, but if you stick with it and make it through, you’ll have learned much more than you thought possible in three months.


We’ll teach you hard digital marketing skills and processes, but we understand a career is more than about just skills. We help you understand the proper way to interact in a professional environment, how to prepare and perform for calls and meeting, how to make great presentations and many more career skills. When you start your new career, you’ll be confident in what you’re doing.

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Step 1

Apply and interview in person

Step 2

Full-time 3 month training

Step 3

Get hired and start your career!

Who is the ideal student?

We want students who want this. Drive, ambition, competitive nature, quick learning are all attributes of people who will succeed in this program. This isn’t the program to go to when you don’t know what you want to do. This is the program to launch your marketing career. We want people ready and excited for the next step in their career. You bring your best, and we’ll teach the rest.