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Walgreens Ad Campaign Management

Our team specializes in retail advertising and has experience running ads on all the major retail operators online. We pay close attention to any and all updates from walgreens, our team is constantly tweaking your campaign to ensure it gets the best results possible. Your business goals are what drive our approach to campaign management. Anything we do it designed to lead up the funnel to your overarching milestones for our partnership. From your goals we can take a dive into the brand to determine what ad placements and what products will move the needle the most for your objectives. We build your brand a unique campaign designed especially for the Walgreens platform, along with continuous optimizations to ensure you’re always getting the most out of your Walgreens advertising efforts.

Audience Expansion with Walgreens Ads

Walgreens is one of the largest pharmacy chains in the US with 78% of the population living within five miles of a Walgreens owned store. The holding companies footprint is massive, operating 9,560 stores in the U.S. with further 4,767 stores internationally. With such a large spread it’s not surprising that six million customers visit a store every day and a further two million visit the company’s digital properties. The companies digital application has grown immensely foiling more than one subscription from mobile devices every second. With so much traffic coming through Walgreens’ digital properties, advertising opportunities are plenty.

Superior Insights & reporting with our platform

We believe transparency is key to a successful partnership. This led us to create our own platform for managing retail ads. SearchRAMP provides a full overview of all your ad campaigns, giving you a complete view of where your ad spend is going at any time. Making sure you have all the insights gives you a clearer understanding of your marketing efforts. Our proprietary retail ads management platform consolidates data so you don’t have to log into various accounts to see how your campaign is performing overall, giving you real-time oversight.

Search Results & Category Ads

Sponsored Product Carousel Ads

What do Walgreens Ads Look Like?

There are three main ad placements available on Walgreens; Search Results, Category Navigation, and Sponsored Carousel placement. Search Results and Category Navigation placements feed the user with sponsored products that match their search criteria. These ads are organically placed throughout the product results grid. Carousel placements give your products prominent visibility on strategically placed carousel banners throughout the site.

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