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Amplify Case Leads With Online Marketing

Search Nurture will make sure you show up in the right place at the right time when people are looking for cases. This increases your ability to win the big cases you want. We’ll ensure you get quality cases with insurance, liability, and injury.

Let us handle your marketing, so you can focus on fighting for your clients.

Build Your Legal Brand

Getting leads is only part of the business, getting cases is another. Does your content show your expertise? Your knowledge? Will it build confidence in a potential client when they look at your site?

Using marketing to build your brand is important. The first thing people do after seeing a TV ad or getting a phone call is go to your website. They need to see quality content and not just for the “big money” terms. If you use specific legal terms on a call, you want your firm to show up when potential clients are searching for them online. Taking it a step further you don’t just want to show up for those, you want content on your website that apply to them as well. Most people won’t be as familiar and if they google them or search your site, you want to show that you are the go to expert.

Last year, we spent half a million dollars on advertising for a specific tort. Our ability to scale that particular campaign enabled our company to grow our revenue by 400%, year-to-year. We went from 10 to 42 million dollars in revenue, thanks to their expertise in paid search.

Director of Marketing Analytics, Legal Marketing Firm

Client: Motorcycle Legal Foundation

Annual Growth Rate

Users: 2,176%

Sessions: 2,287%

Legal Marketing Services

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we can ensure all your firms’ touchpoints are optimized for the greatest returns.


Our SEO experts know how google works and dive into your existing content, optimizing it to increase your ranking on search engines.

The legal industry ebbs and flows with seasonality. Utilize PPC ads to enhance your firms’ visibility during lulls in traffic.

Content can make or break a website. We ensure the content translates to your audience while evoking your unique voice.

Web Development

Conversions are impacted by your website layout. We can implement all the changes required for optimum site performance across the board.

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