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Kroger engages with millions of customers daily. Now, they’ve capitalized on that consumer data to offer brands like yours the opportunity to reach that audience as well. Even better, all of this happens on a platform that has earned customer trust and loyalty.

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Kroger Ads Services

Kroger Precision Marketing (KPM) was launched by Kroger in partnership with 84.51° to offer a retail media advertising solution. Through KPM, advertisers have access to tools and 1st-party data that allows them to precisely target the right audiences.

The KPM platform is delivered via PromoteIQ, a self-service dashboard for Kroger’s Advertising Service. Sellers may use this dashboard to access Kroger’s digital advertising inventory.

KPM even extends its reach to in-store purchases using its ability to track purchases thanks to the company’s various free and premium rewards programs.

Increase Your Brand’s Exposure

The Benefits of Using Kroger Precision Marketing

Kroger is a national grocery brand with a major digital presence and brick-and-mortar stores across the United States. In addition to its over 3,000 Kroger grocery stores, the company owns Ralph’s, King Soupers, Fred Meyer, Harris Teeter, and several other regional outlets. The company’s sales have exceeded $137 Billion. In 2021, total sales were up by 3B compared to the previous year’s numbers. Similar growth is projected for 2022.

Currently, the company is third to only Walmart and Amazon when it comes to online market share in the grocery and personal care markets. Among brick-and-mortar outlets, Kroger and its other retail grocery stores sell more consumer packaged goods than all other grocery retailers except for Walmart.
Additionally, most published figures don’t include current or projected revenue from Costco, a Kroger subsidiary.

Because Kroger pivoted its business model to focus on digital and grocery delivery during the pandemic, it was able to achieve record profits during that time. Now, thanks to its continued commitment to investing in digital, it is projected to exceed market expectations in 2022 as well.

How Our Kroger Advertising Campaigns Work

Search Nurture will work with your brand to develop a detailed advertising strategy that will allow you to maximize your presence on Kroger’s digital platform. We provide more than ten years of experience managing retail ad campaigns and the technical resources you need to achieve the best possible ROI for your marketing spend.

Our record of success in creating and managing retail ad strategies is clear. The Search Nurture team will work with you to understand your needs and goals and then assist you with developing a Kroger Advertising Strategy.

We’ll also provide you with ongoing support along with access to the tools you need to manage your campaigns. Our thoughtful analysis will provide you with insights that allow for ongoing post-campaign refactoring that allows you to make strategic adjustments to ensure ongoing success.

What Do Kroger Ads Look Like?

Advertisers using KPM have access to multiple ad formats on various platforms. Brands may select display ads, videos, digital coupons, homepage placement, and email ads to reach a precisely targeted audience. There are also brand shops, which are specialized landing pages, and boosted products to attract even more attention to Kroger’s digital properties. App users may be reached via push notifications. Finally, Native ads can be implemented to reach potential customers off-site.

KPM also has social media ad options, and a powerful influencer outreach program.

Regardless of format, all ads can be made even more compelling with KPM design and production services.

Increase Your Brand’s Exposure

How Our Kroger Advertising Strategy Can Grow Your Brand

Thanks to the customer-driven approach to marketing at the center of the Kroger Precision Marketing product, brands are better matched to households that are more likely to engage with their ads. Your brand is provided with a custom audience that is created using 1st party consumer data. That means fewer wasted impressions and better attribution.

The benefits of KPM are clear, but this doesn’t solve all of the challenges that brands face when building retail advertising strategies, managing those strategies, and ensuring they achieve their desired return on advertising spend (ROAS).

Consider other platforms like Walmart or Target on which you may be advertising and selling your products. Many advertisers find it overwhelming to manage campaigns using multiple dashboards for various retailers.

Search Nurture can help with all of these points of friction. First, our skilled team of retail advertising and marketing professionals can help you create a Kroger advertising strategy that helps you meet your goals and ensures your ads connect with the right audience.

Common Retail Ads Questions

What is the best retail platform for our brand?
For a long time, the answer to this question was nearly always Amazon, but nowadays, it really depends on the product that your brand offers, and your goals. If you wanted to boost sales on a furniture product, Wayfair would be a great retail platform to focus on. However, if you had a sports supplement, then Instacart and Amazon would be better options. As a general rule, most retail platforms offer great functionality for all types of brands, so a mix is often the answer.
Can I pick and choose where my brand appears?

Yes, since most retail platforms are PPC (Pay-Per-Click), you get a tremendous amount of control over where your brand appears. For example, if you wanted to try to appear near competitor’s products, you could target your ads to appear for users who type in your competitor’s name. You could also use a different type of ad to have your product appear on the product page of a competitor’s product.

How do you target my audience with retail ads?

Targeting your audience on retail ads requires in-depth search term research. The goal with retail advertising is to serve your ad to a customer who is actively searching for your product. So, researching, optimizing and reporting on search term performance is the best way to figure out which search terms your audience is using to find your product.

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