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We’re extremely happy with what Search Nurture has done with our business. We’ve experienced double-digit growth year over year.
Tara Headrick | eCommerce Director | Pillow Perfect

Our PPC Services

Healthy product sales, average order values, CLVs, and ROAS keep your eCommerce producing the results you need.

But how can you leverage paid social and search as a CPG store to further boost these important metrics?

A key component to your success is finding an eCommerce PPC management partner that will deliver you what your business needs in a clear and friendly manner.

At Search Nurture, our eCommerce marketing professionals are experts in their field and familiar with the everyday challenges faced when scaling a CPG business.

Custom Built Solutions

We offer three leading paid solutions custom-built around your objectives, helping drive results and enable growth through paid search services.

eCommerce Search Ads

Stop, intrigue and convert your audience on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo! search engines. We center your paid campaigns around your target keywords, optimizing bid strategies to ensure the highest ROAS possible. By covering your sales funnel from initial contact to purchase points, we ensure your paid channels are working in unison to share a cohesive message that resonates at every stage for your target audiences.

eCommerce Retail Ads

Showcase your products to millions across a host of retail stores and meet your customer in an environment they love and trust already. Partner with us and enjoy our proprietary retail ad management platform, SearchRAMP, at no extra cost for your campaigns on major retailers like Amazon, Walmart and Target.

eCommerce Social Ads

Find and convert your audience niche on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter. Use hyper-targeted solutions to drive awareness, interest and purchases, and engage personally with your ideal shoppers as you build up a bigger, more loyal following.

Let’s explore your potential!

As an eCommerce PPC agency, we specialize in Consumer Product Goods (CPG), using a framework that is customized around your specific needs.

Taking into account key factors such as your niche market, product range, margins and customer profiles, we find the paid digital spheres that are going to bring you the best returns over the short and long term.

Search Nurture Spotlight

While eCommerce is very data driven in nature and we can very closely tick and tie revenue back to individual keywords and actions, the real growth is seen when you couple the direct action with varying top of funnel efforts to facilitate the buzz and create the need in a consumer.
Lindsey McAndrews | Head of Paid Media Acquisition | Search Nurture

What can you expect from a Paid Media campaign when you work with us?

Dedicated PPC experts

Entrust our eCommerce and CPG experts to deliver outstanding PPC results for you. With years of experience and technical knowledge of your industry, sit back and let our team of subject-matter experts take your paid media campaigns to new heights.

Real-time dashboard

Track your upwards progress with live, 24/7 dashboards that are tailor-made for you so you can easily measure your eCommerce KPIs. Set up in an easy-to-follow layout, giving you the flexibility to hone in on product performance details, or take a birds eye view of your overall results so far.

Your Ads account

Have 100% full ownership of and access to all your historical performance data. We work in your existing ad accounts or help you create an account from scratch if needed for your eCommerce campaign.

SearchRAMP platform

Outperform your competitors and benefit from raw campaign data directly from SearchRAMP – our proprietary retail marketing platform. Integrated automatically into your campaign at no extra cost by our specialists, our powerful software is the perfect addition to help take your CPG PPC campaign from good to great.

SEO synergy

Radically improve your ROI by integrating the key takeaways of your eCommerce SEO campaign. With up-to-date data sets, we can optimize your campaigns further to make sure every dollar is being spent as efficiently as possible.

Our eCommerce PPC Experience

Combining cutting-edge technology and professional marketing expertise, our paid search experts know the solutions that work best for your eCommerce and CPG business.

With experience in niches such as retail, beauty and fashion, we’ve run PPC for a variety of capital goods and consumer goods, proudly scaling our clients’ campaigns to new levels of ROI and revenue.

eCommerce Paid Search

Getting your eCommerce Paid Search, retail or social campaigns running positively and sustainably can be the key to unlock unrivalled, accelerated growth for your CPG store.

With years of experience behind us, our highly-skilled, subject-matter experts know your CPG niche in detail.

Our tried-and-tested processes, in addition to new and innovative strategies related to your specific business needs, ensure your sustained growth on paid channels.

Ready to maximize the opportunities in your paid channels to boost sales, retention, and reach?

Schedule a strategy call with one of our Paid Media experts today to discover the potential of an eCommerce or CPG PPC campaign with Search Nurture.

Common Paid Search Services Questions

What can I expect from my campaign in the first 60 days?

In the first 30-60 days we will work to get everything up and running. Ensure that your ads are showing in competitive spots in search results, review traffic quality, and ensure tracking is set up properly. We will begin to optimize the campaigns and work towards driving valuable actions from the traffic we generated.

What monthly ad spend do you recommend?

Monthly ad spend will depend on your industry, the locations you are targeting (local, nationwide or worldwide) and how competitive your market is. A useful rule of thumb is aiming to get at least 10 clicks per day in order to gather enough data to make educated optimizations. Using Google Ads Keyword Planner, find the most relevant keywords to your business, multiply its Avg. CPC by 10, then by 30.4 (average days per month) and that will you give you the minimum monthly budget. The larger the budget allocated, the more data you can gather and the shorter the learning phase will need to be.

How do you find my ideal audience?

If you have been running Google Ads before and have Google Analytics installed we can identify which geo, demographics, affinity categories and in-market segments are the ones generating you the most business. If you are starting from scratch, the best approach will be to identify your buying persona and target them by creating search campaigns with the most relevant keywords and ad copy addressing their needs or solution to their problem. Once we have gathered enough data, we can take a look a Google Analytics and adjust our targeting to the best performing audiences.

Our service level promise to you:

Informative meetings

Organized weekly or bi-weekly to keep you fully informed, up-to-date and on budget as we scale your campaigns and grow your business

Clear reports

Delivered bi-weekly with live, 24/7 custom dashboards to easily and confidently track your campaign’s upwards progress by the minute

Fast communication

Guaranteed 24-hour email response times, with full Asana project access and direct Slack communication channels for transparency and trust

Real empowerment

We promise to ensure you understand, at all times, what we’re doing and why, empowering and sharpening your team with our marketing experience

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