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Thanks to ad services that include both owned and offsite properties, Home Depot helps hundreds of brands increase their reach. All of this comes with the backing of the largest company in the home improvement niche.

The opportunity to reach Millions

By partnering with Home Depot, brands have the opportunity to reach more than 45 million households in the United States.

Annual Home Depot Website Visit

Mobile Website Visits

Yearly Consumer Transactions

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Home Depot offers retail advertising solutions to help brands reach their consumers.

They do this by offering brands the opportunity to connect with highly targeted audiences on Home Depot’s website, app, and other digital platforms. The company also offers advertising outside of its owned properties through off-site advertising.

Brands that take advantage of these services will benefit from the power of one of the country’s largest home improvement brands.

Why Your Brand Needs a Home Depot Retail Advertising Strategy

If your brand targets audiences in the home improvement or DIY space, you can benefit from developing a powerful strategy to drive your next Home Depot Ad campaign. Home Depot is the world’s largest home improvement retailer and currently controls 17% of the market share.

The company has established aggressive growth goals that include reaching $200 billion in sales. In 2021, the company’s sales increased by 19% over 2020.

Home Depot Retail Media offers scalable advertising solutions for brands. This setup allows you to create an ad campaign that works for the size of your company and advertising budget. Home Depot’s advertising partners often report a 2X return on their ad dollars.

When you work with Home Depot, you may access on-site advertising opportunities that allow you to present ads to customers on the Home Depot website, mobile site, and apps. You can also purchase email ad placement via marketing emails.

Additionally, the retail media platform offers off-site advertising opportunities on a range of social media platforms and other publications using retargeting technologies. You can maximize your outreach opportunities by consulting with a Home Depot advertising agency.

How We Advertise on Home Depot for Your Brand

Home Depot’s powerful retail media platform allows brands to reach one of the largest retail audiences in the world. However, you can increase the chances of your Home Depot ad campaigns succeeding by working with Search Nurture to plan and execute an advertising strategy. 

Our expert team will work with you to understand your needs and goals and ensure that initial campaign planning aligns with these targets. 

After your Home Depot advertising strategy is implemented, we will schedule weekly or biweekly review meetings to discuss the progress of your campaign, along with our plans to scale it for further growth.

Throughout all of this, you will have access to the expertise and guidance of a team with more than a decade of experience creating and managing retail advertising campaigns.

We prioritize providing our clients with education and building campaigns that produce dividends exceeding expectations. With the assistance of our expertise, many brands have launched provably lucrative advertising campaigns on multiple different retail and eCommerce platforms.

Our team exercises its expertise through an advanced retail advertising management platform. This platform includes the customizable Custom dashboard that brands may use to download reports, manage campaigns, and access other insights.

What Do Home Depot Ads Look Like?

Home Depot offers several attractive ad formats for brands that are interested in advertising on the retailer’s website, apps, or other digital properties. Brands may select the most visually compelling format based on the goals of the campaign being executed and the specific platform they have selected. Home Depot Retail Media also features a suite of support services. These include 24/7 support and reporting that is customized for each brand’s campaigns.

Your Business Can Benefit from Our Home Depot Ad Campaigns

When people want to buy building materials, tools, and other home improvement products, they are more likely to go to Home Depot than any other online retailer.

In addition to targeting homeowners and other retail consumers, the company also has a large audience among builders, remodelers, and other professional contractors. When you advertise through the Home Depot advertising network, you gain unprecedented access to these audiences.

This new Home Depot advertising platform reflects a trend of retailers entering the media ad network space. Participants in this trend include Home Depot’s closest competitor Lowe’s.

Search Nurture offers campaign strategy consultation, scaling, and guidance. Our experts will help you achieve a better return on advertising spend. They can also take some of the pressure off you as you learn how to advertise on Home Depot.

Custom Dashboard is the proprietary technology we offer advertisers to help create, monitor, and manage their retail campaigns. This single dashboard solution simplifies the complex task of managing advertising across multiple retail platforms.

Additionally, the tool offers detailed, transparent reporting so that you always have insights into the performance of your campaigns.

Lauren Hart


"Utilizing Amazon’s advertising platform is paramount to increasing your organic ranking on the ever-growing Amazon Marketplace; and Amazon allows you to build an advertising strategy as unique as your business with an abundance of ad type options!"
Lauren Hart | Retail Ads Account Manager | Search Nurture

Common Retail Ads Questions

What is the best retail platform for our brand?
For a long time, the answer to this question was nearly always Amazon, but nowadays, it really depends on the product that your brand offers, and your goals. If you wanted to boost sales on a furniture product, Wayfair would be a great retail platform to focus on. However, if you had a sports supplement, then Instacart and Amazon would be better options. As a general rule, most retail platforms offer great functionality for all types of brands, so a mix is often the answer.
Can I pick and choose where my brand appears?

Yes, since most retail platforms are PPC (Pay-Per-Click), you get a tremendous amount of control over where your brand appears. For example, if you wanted to try to appear near competitor’s products, you could target your ads to appear for users who type in your competitor’s name. You could also use a different type of ad to have your product appear on the product page of a competitor’s product.

How do you target my audience with retail ads?

Targeting your audience on retail ads requires in-depth search term research. The goal with retail advertising is to serve your ad to a customer who is actively searching for your product. So, researching, optimizing and reporting on search term performance is the best way to figure out which search terms your audience is using to find your product.

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