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Search Nurture has always been pushing us to do more and do different things. They’re always on top of trends and partner relationships that can help us expand and grow our business. Jergens has been around for quite some time. So finding unique and new opportunities to grow is key to our success – and SN definitely helps us get there.
Stephanie Kimutis | Sr. Brand Manager | Jergens US

e-Commerce SEO Services

Whether you’ve got one product or hundreds, turning your digital audience into paying customers is the lifeblood of your eCommerce business.

Using SEO to attract, engage and convert users at all stages of your CPG sales funnel is a powerful solution that helps your business hit sales targets and boost your brand’s authority.

By taking the time to craft a shopper-focused, value-led SEO action plan, eCommerce companies can create themselves a long-term, sustainable and cost-effective asset that drives truly organic results from all angles.

At Search Nurture, we deliver eCommerce SEO services that bring your business these desired results, using a versatile, tried-and-tested framework that revolves around four key methods:

  • Link Optimization
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Technical SEO

Explore the potential

Increased sales and repeat purchases

Higher lead quality

Greater brand reputation

Enhanced customer satisfaction


SEO is not a one-time job, it's a marathon where continuous improvements and agility lead to victory
Obed Reyes | SEO Account Manager| Search Nurture

Your E-Commerce Advantage

Having built up and scaled countless SEO campaigns for eCommerce and CPG businesses, we’ve become familiar with the formulas that get you lasting, meaningful results.

Scaling SEO for eCommerce businesses requires an acute understanding that every store is different, with a vast range of products, audiences, and priorities to consider. Therefore, we avoid the ‘cookie-cutter’ approach when developing an SEO strategy and customize it to your vertical’s needs.

At Search Nurture, we lead with a holistic point of view when building an SEO plan around your precise business requirements. When we work together, we prioritize ensuring you understand what we’re doing and why at every step along the way.


SEO is not a one-time job, it's a marathon where continuous improvements and agility lead to victory
Obed Reyes | SEO Account Manager| Search Nurture


All good things start with a plan. So we kick things off by getting into your business details, product range, market niche, customer core, and KPIs. We want to understand the intricacies of your business from the inside out, using those findings to enhance your bespoke SEO strategy.

Competitor Research

Find out how and where we can beat the stores competing for your ideal shoppers. We get your store seen, trusted, and visited by publishing content that ranks higher in valuable search terms. Our unique content gap analysis process outlines the steps we can take to match and then surpass your competitors, implementing the best strategy for your business size, authority, and niche.

Technical SEO Audit

Discover quick and easy SEO wins that will help to enhance your rankings and put you in a better position to be seen by your ideal shopping customer. We ensure your eCommerce/CPG store is fully optimized for the strategy we’ve built with you. Want to learn more? Check out our ultimate eCommerce SEO audit checklist.

Content Development

Reach your various target audiences at every stage of the funnel with relevant and valuable content they want. Whether it’s related to awareness, education, or purchase stage, drive meaningful clicks to your store by answering your customers’ questions – and benefit from more purchases and greater market authority.

Content Audit

Evaluate your current content and implement an action framework that provides your business with articles, infographics, and guides your shopping audiences are actively looking for. We pinpoint the common threads of your existing content before filling in potential gaps and ensuring every written piece of work hits the mark.

Analytics and Reporting

Keep a sharp eye on your campaign’s performance with easily-digestible monthly reporting through custom live dashboards and comprehensive QBRs (Quarterly Business Reports).

Strategy Refinement

We periodically adjust your SEO campaigns to ensure all bases are covered and new learnings are applied. By leveraging additional data from any eCommerce paid media campaigns you have live already, we give your campaign the best chance of boosting its performance with innovative and untapped insights

e-Commerce SEO Audit

Content marketing for eCommerce is essential to a business’s long-term success, so choosing the right SEO partner to get you the results you crave is critical. We’re here to help and make your life easier with SEO solutions that make sense.

In the audit, we’ll work through a comprehensive eCommerce SEO checklist to identify the critical issues preventing your website from ranking in search results. We’ll also include a content strategy to increase the reach of your business and products in organic search.

Ready to transform your SEO into a reliable, profit-producing asset for your business?

Schedule a strategy call with one of our SEO experts today to discuss your personal eCommerce SEO audit.

Common SEO Questions

Can you help me find out what we're doing wrong with SEO?

Absolutely! We provide a free audit of your website to uncover any critical errors and take a look at content opportunities based on your marketing goals.

Can you do an audit on our previous results with an agency?

Yes! We have a comprehensive audit checklist that will likely cover anything a previous agency has looked at. We’ll cross-reference with this previous work as well to ensure that nothing is missed. Our report not only provides the opportunities identified, but also information about what caused it, how to fix it, and how to prevent it.

How long does it take to see results?

It depends on the optimization opportunity. The fastest results are usually from page optimizations or technical errors where Google just needs to recrawl the page. We can expedite this with a manual crawl request where results can be instant, seeing rankings improving immediately. For new pieces of content, this will also depend on many factors such as existing topical and domain authority. If you have strong rankings and authority for a topic, a new page in this same space can see top 10 rankings in the first month. If not, it will take time to build this trust with Google and earn the backlinks required to rank. This usually takes 4-6 months depending on how competitive the niche is and if link building is involved.

Our service level promise to you:

Informative meetings

Organized weekly or bi-weekly to keep you fully informed, up-to-date and on budget as we scale your campaigns and grow your business

Clear reports

Delivered bi-weekly with live, 24/7 custom dashboards to easily and confidently track your campaign’s upwards progress by the minute

Fast communication

Guaranteed 24-hour email response times, with full Asana project access and direct Slack communication channels for transparency and trust

Real empowerment

We promise to ensure you understand, at all times, what we’re doing and why, empowering and sharpening your team with our marketing experience

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