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Who we are and how
we can help your business

Client-centered, digital marketing campaigns built around your goals and managed closely by friendly experts who keep you in the loop. Satisfy the bottom line and give your whole team peace of mind as we charge towards your targets together.

Introduction Call

We sit down and talk basics to determine whether we’re a good fit for your brand and what you want to achieve.

Strategy Call

With business basics established, we offer you our personalized recommendations that can solve your problems and help your company grow. This may also include free audit, if appropriate.


We’ll then put together a proposal for you with a clear timeline, scope of work and costs for you to review with your team.

Join us

If everything looks good and you’re ready to get started, we’ll send you the next steps to get onboarded and on the path to success!

Once a client


We love to get to know you and your team, including those from leadership and product. Why? Because your success depends on us knowing your business inside out and understanding precisely what drives you so we can best serve your team.

Project Launch:

After familiarizing ourselves more with your business, materials and objectives, we’ll put together your plan of action and get your campaign wheels turning.

Ongoing Management:

As we progress, we’ll pencil in bi-weekly meetings and reporting to ensure you’re up to speed on what work we’re doing and the success we’re seeing.

Quarterly reviews:

We track progress on the macro level by running QBRs with your team, ensuring every department is updated and leadership can make the best decisions moving forward.

Benefit from a whole
team behind yours

When we say ‘we’ work with you, we really mean it. Working side-by-side, you’ll enjoy direct access to our entire team’s collective marketing experience, as we personally and professionally guide you towards the results you came to us for. Led with care by subject matter experts with years of proven experience.

A culture of inclusion

Our Leadership

Lindsey McAndrews

Head of Operations

Savannah Alexander

Sr. Director of People

Eli Weidinger

Eli Weidinger

Director of Sales

Our Team

Ben Cornell

Client Success Manager

Clelia Duarte

Paid Media Specialist

Diana Flores

Retail Ads Strategist

Julia Kleiber

Sr. Retail Ads Account Manager

Karina Montenegro

Paid Media Manager

Kristina Zagame

Content Manager




Lauren Hart

Retail Ads Account Manager

Noel Sanchez

Paid Media Specialist

Peter Traña | SEM Account Manager

Peter Traña

Paid Media Account Manager

Rikkert Fajardo

Web Developer

Clear and concise for everyone involved

The marketing landscape can be confusing at times, even for seasoned marketers or savvy CEOs. We make sure to break things down to layman’s terms so everyone is on the same page and your bespoke strategy gets buy-in from the whole team. Our straightforward, digestible summaries keep you informed as your campaign performs as promised.


I track the leads I get very carefully. There’s definitely been a significant increase in leads since we started working together.

Mike Padway | Owner | Michael Padway & Associates


We’re extremely happy with what Search Nurture has done with our business. We’ve experienced double-digit growth year over year.
Tara Headrick | eCommerce Director

Profit from our proven processes

We approach your business from the macro. By listening closely to you and applying our proven processes creatively around your larger business goals, we help you get competitive and profit in your market. Once we’re up and running, we’ll make sure to keep you in the loop so you’ll always understand the what, why, and where we’re going.

From educational academy to a marketing agency


Our training academy origins set the foundation for how we operate as an agency today


We began as a marketing training academy in 2017, created to educate and train marketers for the industry. To help fund this direction, we chose to take on a couple of clients on the side and help them grow. Very quickly, however, our referral work began to take on a life of its own. Those two clients turned into more word of mouth referrals, and within months we found ourselves growing exponentially into a marketing agency.

Our aim was to equip the marketers of different companies with the knowledge they needed to take all their marketing in-house and reduce their dependence on external agency support. However, once the CEOs of companies saw the value we were providing to their marketing department, they asked us to take over as an agency and do it for them. We couldn’t win!

Fast-forward to the present day, and our original essence of education still remains. Every day at Search Nurture, education, growth and empowerment sit at the root of everything we do. We never aimed to become an agency, we simply set out to educate and empower others so they could succeed in marketing. With that being said, we’re incredibly proud of where we’ve come since then, helping countless clients exceed their business goals and nurturing our employees to develop their industry skills.

Our Values


We take time to reflect on how to improve and have the courage to step out of our comfort zone to innovate. We welcome inspiration from all areas of life to inform this innovation and allow critical thinking to underpin every creative decision we make.


We take full responsibility and hold ourselves accountable to clients and fellow employees alike. No matter how big or small the topic, we always operate with uncompromised honesty, transparency, and integrity to uphold valuable, long-term relationships.


We are an entirely location-independent team whose success depends on close teamwork and clear communication. We champion collaboration and education as a tool for growth and allow good work and a satisfying quality of life to energize everyone we work with positively.


We're goal-driven and always prioritize our clients in achieving outstanding results. We follow efficient processes to ensure maximum productivity and take the initiative to find solutions when faced with inevitable obstacles.