Amazon Ads Explained

Amazon Fly-Wheel Digital Marketing Agency Paid Advertising Advantages and Bigger Purchase orders

The Amazon Fly-Wheel

Growth on Amazon is based on many factors, including sales history, listing build-out, copy, and reviews. As one grows, the rest follow suit.

The Amazon fly-wheel demonstrates how products gain notoriety through customer involvement. The influx of ads to the wheel increases traffic, a catalyst for growth, in turn leading to bigger purchase orders.

If you’re not winning the fly-wheel, who is?

Amazon Ad Types

Depending on your business goals we use the following ad placements individually or as a combination to ensure your products connect with your ideas target audience.

Sponsored Product Ads

These self-service, cost-per-click ads for individual product listings appear in shopping results and on product detail pages.

Sponsored Brand Ads

These self-service, cost-per-click ads for brands appear in shopping results and feature a custom headline, brand logo, and multiple products.

Product Display Ads

These self-service, cost-per-click display ads use automatically generated ad creatives and are targeted to audiences that are created based on relevant Amazon shopping interests.

Start gaining traction on Amazon with sponsored ads.