Making Time in 2020

Last Updated: Apr 16, 2024

Why make time to vote

Search Nurture is a fully remote digital marketing agency that includes 21 team members. We joined the pledge to Make Time to Vote because more than ever, this is a time to encourage our employees to get out and make their voices heard. Our team currently resides in 9 different states, in addition to a couple of members with international placements. We come from different backgrounds with different views, but all stand for doing good in addition to doing well. We do great work because that is a reward in itself. We do good because it makes the world a better place. We help businesses where we can, and people when we can.

On November 3rd, Search Nurture will have a workday free of meetings, allowing our employees to take as much time as they need to cast their ballots. This movement is a non-partisan effort that demonstrates the power of what the business community can achieve when it works to address the most significant issues of our time.  

Making time for other things

Voting isn’t the only thing we’ve brought to prominence this year. 2020 has been an eye-opener and made us adapt and grow. Some changes we have made thus far: we became a fully remote company, put a bigger emphasis on mental health, and connected with one another through more non-work virtual events.

At the beginning of COVID, our founders took all the precautions they could in order to prepare for what Search Nurture may endure. As a start-up that sprung into existence mere years ago, we are very fortunate that we haven’t had any layoffs or changes to our employees’ work situations. Instead, with the focus of mental health in such uncertain times, we got together (virtually) more often! Hosting puzzle days, Netflix viewing parties, virtual escape rooms, outdoor Zoom calls, even implementing Town Halls, and virtual offsites. We had a ton of fun, connected as a team, and gave our minds a rest from the day-to-day hurdles of 2020. We also didn’t shy away from tough topics and let our employees know the company has their backs.

On June 1st our CEO, Spencer Padway, sent this important message, “The world is kind of crazy now – so if you need time to process, protest, rest, clean up your neighborhood, or whatever else – Make sure you take it, this is why we have our flexible policies. Take care of yourselves!”. We also began to observe Juneteenth as we encourage our employees to take this day to learn, connect with each other, and reflect on how we can move forward and achieve permanent and lasting change. 

We, just like everyone else, do not have a playbook on the best way to address everything going on right now, but we are listening, growing, and adapting with the help of each other as we make changes we feel are important for Search Nurture and its team members. Making time to vote is the focus for this week, but improving employee health is something we are always working to improve.


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