Case Study

Farmers Hen House

Farmers Hen House experienced a 74% increase in attributed sales and more than 8x its return on ad spend after teaming up with Search Nurture.

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Farmers Hen House teamed up with Search Nurture with ambitious goals for its Instacart advertising campaigns; increase new customer sales, boost visibility, and 8x its return on advertising spend (ROAS). Search Nurture build solid Instacart campaign foundations and tested innovative strategies to increase the brand’s market position. Since the partnership, Farmers Hen House has seen a remarkable 74% boost in attributed sales, a 56% surge in total sales, and has exceeded its 8x ROAS goal.

More About The Client

Farmers Hen House began in 1997 with three small farms and quickly grew to over 50. Despite its success, the company continues its tradition of producing quality, organic eggs on local family farms and is deep-rooted in the principles of sustainable farming and a strong sense of community.
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The Challenge

Farmers Hen House was struggling to distinguish its brand in the crowded online grocery market while optimizing advertising spend. The main dilemma was how to balance a robust ROAS while ensuring its ad-attributed sales didn’t cannibalize total sales. The brand’s vision wasn’t just to maintain its success on the Instacart platform, but to significantly enhance its market position.

Farmers Hen House came to Search Nurture with two clear, ambitious goals:


  • Customer base expansion: New-To-Brand (NTB) customer sales to make up at least 50% of ad-attributed sales.
  • Optimize ad spend: To elevate ROAS beyond the ambitious target of 8x.

The Solution

The Search Nurture team crafted a tailored strategy for Farmers Hen House, aiming to create Instacart campaigns with laser-focused precision and scalable impact.


  • Manual campaigns with optimized enhancements: Search Nurture initiated two meticulously managed campaigns for precise control. Later, the strategy was enhanced with two optimized campaigns designed for higher-than-target ROAS goals.
  • Keyword expansion: Sourced from these optimized campaigns, Search Nurture broadened its keyword strategy to effectively attract a wider audience to the Farmers Hen House brand.
  • Introduction of display campaigns: Search Nurture strategically launched Farmers Hen House’s inaugural display campaigns for a test period (extending beyond the initial 45 days) to capture comprehensive insights.

The Outcome

The partnership between Farmers Hen House and Search Nurture resulted in immediate success for the brand.


  • Within the first month: Farmer’s Hen House achieved a 10% increase in attributed sales and a 6% rise in total sales, alongside enhancements in ROAS and NTB sales.
  • Within four months: Attributed sales rose by an astounding 74%, total sales by 56%, and NTB sales averaged nearly 60%. ROAS exceeded the 8x target.
  • Adaptability to market conditions: Despite an unexpected nationwide egg shortage, Search Nurture’s adaptive campaign strategies ensured sustained visibility and engagement, leveraging the fluctuating market conditions to Farmers Hen House’s advantage.