Case Study


FOTILE saw 540% in sales growth and a 450% increase in return on ad spend after just four months of working with Search Nurture.

“ It’s a great pleasure to work with such a knowledgable team. Always going out of their way to seek results and provide industry insights. ”

– Ariel Espinal, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist at FOTILE

Home Depot Ads


FOTILE partnered with Search Nurture with ambitious goals to boost their return on advertising spend (ROAS) in Home Depot and Lowe’s campaigns. Search Nurture built solid campaign foundations and tested innovative strategies to set the brand up for both short-term and long-term success. Within four months of collaboration, FOTILE experienced a remarkable 450% surge in overall ROAS and 540% growth in total sales.

More About The Client

Founded in 1996, FOTILE is a high-end appliance brand built on product innovation and creating functional, chic appliances. The company specializes in developing built-in kitchen appliances such as such as range hoods, 2in1 in-sink dishwashers, cooktops and more.
Kitchen Appliance



The Challenge

FOTILE is a strong brand with a reach of more than 30 countries. Despite its success, it needed a major advertising budget and campaign overhaul.

The company was handling Home Depot and Lowe’s ad campaigns internally but admittedly didn’t have the strategic advertising know-how to make the most of its ad budget. As a result, it was wasting money on ads that failed to generate sufficient sales.

FOTILE came to Search Nurture with three major goals:

  • Optimize return on ad spend (ROAS) efficiency and growth.
  • Make more efficient use of budget resources.
  • Scale revenue.


The Solution

Search Nurture took over the Home Depot and Lowe’s advertising accounts for FOTILE in August and started weekly optimizations. The team built strong campaign foundations and tested strategies to create short and long-term success for the brand.

The process involved simplifying advertisement communication and testing cross-channel campaigns to boost brand visibility and reach new consumers. Traditional strategies were shifted to increase FOTILE’s adaptability to the changing digital landscape.

The Outcome

The partnership between FOTILE and Search Nurture resulted in both immediate and long term success on Home Depot and Lowe’s advertising platforms.


  • Within 60 days: FOTILE experienced over 110% increase in overall ROAS and 90% increase in overall sales growth.
  • Within four months: The brand secured a 450% increase in overall ROAS and 540% increase in overall sales growth.
  • Continued success: FOTILE gained a 38% lift in brand awareness, a 19% lift in ad consideration and a 31% increase in ad recall.