Case Study

Gentem Health

Search Nurture helps B2B SaaS startup win battle for niche keywords on both organic search and paid search.


As a challenger brand in the crowded billing software market, Gentem Health needed help raising brand awareness among medical practices – but not all medical practices. The savvy team knew they had the best chance at onboarding small private practices and specialty clinics. They hired Search Nurture in the fall of 2021 to help their sales team reach this specific audience through organic and paid search.

The Client

Gentem transforms the reimbursement experience for small practices and specialty clinics by handling the end-to-end billing and revenue cycle processes. Leveraging automation, data science and the latest financial technologies, Gentem is able to increase cash flow while drastically reducing account receivable days and uncovering opportunities to increase revenue.

B2B SaaS
San Francisco

Objectives & Challenges

Identify keywords specific to Gentem’s niche audience.

Bidding on keywords like “medical billing,” which receives roughly 12,100 US-based search fetches with a CPC of ~$14, would quickly drain Gentem’s paid budget. The year-old website would also have difficulty ranking for such a competitive keyword – at least anytime soon.

Furthermore, any users who did visit the website on a broad search like “medical billing” may not even be viable customers. Precision was of the utmost importance for both SEO and paid.

The Solution

Target long-tail keywords for paid and organic search

Gentem’s platform and tech-enabled services provide solutions to a number of challenges, including revenue cycle management, real-time eligibility (RTE) verification, sendable patient estimates, medical account receivable and collection, denial management, and claim scrubbing.

The Search Nurture team focused on establishing topical authority for these lower-volume and lower-competition keywords, namely revenue cycle management.

In the first month, Search Nurture developed a topic cluster strategy and immediately began producing informative blog content. The team also addressed technical issues that had hamstrung the website.

The Outcome

Real-time synergy for RTE keywords

Early on, the SEO team scored Page 1 positions for real-time eligibility (RTE) keywords. After seeing a handful of leads come in through the page, the SEO team alerted the paid media team. Together, they created a low-budget campaign for RTE-related keywords. This campaign led to a 400% increase in monthly sessions and a 300% increase in monthly leads coming in through the RTE landing page.

Sessions and form submissions that came in through the real-time eligibility landing page. Orange represents paid search only. Green represents organic search only. The blue line represents all default channel groupings.

Long-tail? That’s our specialty!

Knowing exactly who the target audience was, the SEO team developed topic clusters for each of the specialties and published a couple of dozen landing pages and specialty-specific blogs. Some of the blogs included a downloadable PDF that was gated for lead generation. This strategy ultimately led to a 950% increase in monthly organic leads.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

In the beginning, the Search Nurture team was researching, outlining, producing and implementing all of the content. About six months into the engagement, Gentem hired an in-house content marketing manager who took over all writing responsibilities. The Search Nurture team focused mostly on keyword research and content outlines. Dividing content creation responsibilities nearly doubled the monthly content output.

“The Search Nurture team functioned as a true partner in our marketing and growth strategy,” said Melanie Graham, Gentem’s content marketing manager. “They worked seamlessly alongside our team, helping us create robust, search-optimized content and campaigns that grew our brand awareness and website engagement.”

In the first 12 months of working with Search Nurture, Gentem saw keywords in the Top 10 positions increase by 5066%. Their keyword profile is now flush with niche long-tail keywords that drive relevant traffic month after month. The key to success was having a precise understanding of the target audience and a relationship built on trust and cooperation.