Case Study

John Frieda

Driving 150% more organic users and improving brand authority by answering customers’ questions with informative content


International hair product business John Frieda wanted to increase their website traffic and improve their overall brand awareness and authority in the hair care space. We started working with them at the beginning of 2018 and made it a priority to take care of key technical optimizations, restructure their blog and create better content. After writing 45+ informative SEO-focused articles and enhancing their blog categories and product pages, we managed to drive 150% more organic users from 2019 to 2020 – peaking further in Q1 2020 with an increase of 255%.


  • Increased organic users to the site by 150% from 2019 to 2020
  • Increased organic users by 255% in Q1 2021

The Client

John Frieda is a large international hair product business. Operating for over three decades and now firmly established as a household name, their products are used in homes and salons by millions around the world to take care of various types of hair.

Hair Care

Objectives & Challenges


Despite their wide international reach, John Frieda wanted to further increase their brand awareness and authority in the hair care space.

They wanted to demonstrate to the market their educational authority on specific topics such as frizzy hair, blonde hair, curly hair, and hair coloring, while educating visitors and readers on their products and how they help different scenarios.

At the time, they were aware of the importance of digital visibility, maintaining product pages and a blog around some hair topics. However, after an in-depth audit of their website, we quickly identified a large amount of missed active search traffic and more potential growth areas that were completely untapped

The Solution

Building our solution around the objective of increasing organic users and traffic to the site, we set about making a series of key technical optimizations to get some quick SEO wins. This included improving general site health, performing a CMS migration and optimizing product pages to increase non-branded keyword performance and improve search visibility for non-branded terms.

We then worked on restructuring their blog and relaunched it in 2019 – adding brand new categories and supporting the new format with SEO-focused articles.

Once the blog was launched, we created an average of 20 articles per year, writing informative and engaging pieces for readers looking for answers about blonde, frizzy, brunette, and thin hair.



The Outcome

Since starting our partnership with John Frieda in 2018, our technical optimizations, updates to their blog and 45+ SEO-led articles have helped to successfully increase organic users to their website.

Without link building and relying purely on naturally earned links, in 2020 vs 2019, we saw an increase in organic users of 150.15%. Then, in Q1 2021, there was another rise, with organic users to the site increasing by a further 255.59%.

On top of achieving the client’s traffic and new user goals, we have also seen an increase in search visibility by expanding into more non-branded keywords. This has occurred primarily through our informational blog topics, but also through non-branded, product focused keywords, such as ‘lightening shampoo’. This search visibility has also allowed us to compete with other brands for a lot of non-branded terms, such as ‘How to Lighten Hair’ or ‘How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair’.

As of December 2021, John Frieda now appears for 1,891 Featured Snippets (Google’s Answer boxes that appear above Position 1 results). This has grown through page optimizations focused on these identified ranking opportunities and from creating content for keywords that trigger these results