Case Study

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Increasing goods sold with a $3,500 rise in weekly average order totals using exceptional marketing and lead-generation practices.


Search Nurture partnered with SKL in October 2018 and began implementing meaningful changes to their advertising campaign to account for the seasonality of some of their products.

We had to overcome inherent biases within Amazon’s algorithm and build out SKL’s advertising campaigns in order to accomplish their goals. Our team made constant changes to SKL’s campaigns in order to leverage the seasonal appeal of the company’s products.

Once the ads were adjusted to the unique themes required, we were able to attract a much larger audience for in-season products. We simultaneously managed the out-of-season products to appeal to consumers that desired access to specific themes. With our help, SKL experienced:

  • An increase in weekly orders by 3,500%
  • 350% growth in units sold YoY
  • Massive growth in orders during the week of Cyber Monday 2020

The result of our multifaceted approach was massive growth on Amazon, both with core products and seasonal items

The Client

SKL was founded in Cincinnati, OH. The company specializes in shower curtains, towels, and hard goods for bathrooms and kitchens.

SKL supplies their products to several big-box retailers and also conducts sales via Amazon. They have seasonal and themed product lines, which help to keep sales consistent year-round.

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Objectives & Challenges

The client had three primary objectives when we partnered with them. They wanted to achieve more efficient Amazon Ads growth, reduce advertising cost of sale to 30% or less, and obtain consistent year-over-year results in terms of profits.

While the goals themselves were relatively straightforward, achieving them effectively required a nuanced approach.

SKL was experiencing challenges in virtually every aspect of its marketing and sales. Their weekly order total was extremely low, and the pages on their website were not very robust or built out. This made it difficult for the company to get any real traction with their products. In turn, this caused the company’s advertising efficiency to be low, as well.

As we began to gather information about SKL’s struggles, we identified another challenge: Amazon’s algorithm was inherently biased against their products due to the seasonality factor.

Amazon’s algorithms were assuming that people are not interested in the products unless the particular ad campaign coincided with an upcoming holiday. Overcoming this challenge would require us to craft a complex marketing strategy and make constant changes to ad campaigns until we achieved the desired results

The Solution

Our first objective was to improve SKL’s Amazon Ad efficiency so that we could connect with the right audience. We crafted new and engaging ad campaigns of various types. This included SEO and PPC strategies designed to connect with a wider audience across a number of different platforms.

Throughout the course of the campaigns, we continually refined and optimized content so that it would remain appealing to consumers.

Since SKL has products for virtually every season, theme, and holiday, it was important to routinely alter their advertising content. We created ads that were designed to cater to each unique theme or seasonal event so that we could generate maximum interest with the largest audience possible.

In addition, we continued to manage the out-of-season products and created select content that was appealing to consumers that like to plan far in advance for holidays.

Lastly, we built out site content and marketing material so that it was more organized in accordance with specific themes and seasons. This allowed us to overcome the biases in the Amazon algorithms and improve ad efficiency.

Maintaining this efficiency required our team to make regular changes to SKL’s ads. We have continued to do update campaigns as needed, which has allowed SKL to keep their quarterly growth consistent.

The Outcome

With our custom advertising strategies in place, we achieved substantial growth on Amazon with core and seasonal products. Our methods also improved ad efficiency, which has allowed the client to grow their revenue with ads that mostly pay for themselves.

The most important key performance indicators (KPIs) for our client are the cost of goods sold, ad attributed revenue, ordered units, and total revenue. After partnering with Search Nurture, SKL has experienced consistent year-over-year growth across each of these KPIs.

When we partnered with SKL in Q4 of 2018, their total sales for that quarter were not what they were hoping to achieve. Just two years later in Q4 of 2020, Search Nurture had surpassed expectations with a massive increase of 10,112%. SKL finished out the year 2020 with total sales in excess of $1,000,000.

Our strategies have continued to deliver high-quality results well into 2021, with great earnings in Q1, followed by even more in Q2. SKL is poised to close out the year with fantastic total sales numbers. This is far from the end of the chart for SKL as they continue to increase orders, along with their sales revenues, every quarter!