Case Study


Leveraging SEO to boost website visitors and free trial sign ups for a marketing analytics SaaS platform


Tailwind is a SaaS and analytics platform that helps individuals and businesses automate their marketing effectively. Operating in an extremely competitive market, they came to us looking to ran for difficult social media design template keywords and increase their free trial sign ups ovr their competitors. By using SEO and building important template sections, in less than 5 months we helped them to achieve:


  • Almost 2,000 sessions (82% new sessions)
  • 37 conversions and rising
  • Higher ranking pages and greater domain authority

The Client

Tailwind is a Pinterest & Instagram Scheduler and Analytics Tool. Their platform helps to automate the most difficult parts of social media marketing to help businesses grow
smarter and faster.

With their mission to make world class marketing easy for everyone, their platform is trusted by 500,000 of the world’s leading brands and 400 of the world’s top agencies.


Objectives & Challenges

Operating in the extremely competitive market of social media marketing, Tailwind’s key goal for their SaaS platform is to turn free trial sign ups into paying monthly customers.

When we began working together in March 2021, we devised a plan to drive traffic away from their competitors to Tailwind and help generate these important conversions throughSEO.

With lots of competitive and high-difficulty keywords, the trick was to find the right content angle for Tailwind according to their market position and reach, and scale up from there.

The Solution

First, we established the campaign baseline by starting with keyword research to find the lowest hanging fruit opportunities across the site. This maximized any easy wins and built general campaign momentum.

Once complete, we then began to create page and section outlines for different social media design templates – one of Tailwind’s main campaign objectives. These design template pages were created specifically to help those customers searching online for social media design resources like ‘etsy pinterest templates’ or ‘instagram profile templates’.

When the page outlines had been mapped out to a range of lower and higher difficulty keywords, we brought on a group of writers to help rank for these target search terms, and worked closely with the Tailwind design team on the relevant images for each page.

The Outcome

Since going live in May 2021 and active for just over five months, we’ve seen almost 2,000 sessions, as well as 37 goal completions and rising – with the majority of results compounding in August and September 2021.

During this period, we’ve also managed to get Tailwind ranking for the target keywords we defined at the beginning on many of the created pages. This has strengthened their domain authority considerably and introduced their brand to a considerable number of new users looking to improve their marketing efforts.