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Reach billions of loyal Kohl’s customers by teaming up with Search Nurture for Kohl’s Advertising. Watch your sales surge while our team of advertising specialists execute round-the-clock campaigns on Kohl’s Media Network.

Kohl’s Advertising

Bring Your Products to Billions of People

Join brands like Adidas, Carter’s and Levi’s by tapping into Kohl’s Media Network – an extensive, data-driven advertising platform.


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Kohl’s Advertising Agency

What is Kohl’s Advertising?

Kohl’s Media Network is a multi-channel advertising platform that allows you to place your product ads on Kohl’s website, mobile app, and email newsletters. The platform also helps you engage your brand through other outlets, including:

  • Social marketing
  • Offsite display
  • Streaming audio
  • Influencer marketing
  • Online Video
  • Television ads
  • …and more

By leveraging Kohl’s extensive reach and data-driven media network, you can better target your ads and promotions, reaching the most relevant audiences, boosting ROI and enhancing your brand visibility.

See Stronger Results With a Kohl’s Advertising Agency

Partnering with a Kohl’s advertising agency takes the gamble out of your marketing investment because they have the experience of running successful Kohl’s ad campaigns. Share your goals with Search Nurture and the team will create customized campaigns that align with your brand goals and target audience.

Whether you are looking to increase sales, drive online traffic, or build brand awareness, Search Nurture’s Kohl’s advertising experts will help you meet and exceed your goals.

Kohl’s Advertising With Search Nurture

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Expert Strategies to Increase Revenue

We have 10+ years of experience running and growing eCommerce and retail campaigns, including custom eBay ads.

Custom Solutions for Simplified Campaigns

Our customized software makes optimizing and scaling ads across different platforms a breeze, saving you time and money.

Instant Performance and ROI Updates

You’ll never have to guess how your ads are performing. Track the real-time status and ROI of your Kohl’s marketing efforts with Search Nurture’s custom-built reporting dashboards — available 24/7.

Education and Guidance Every Step of the Way

Search Nurture isn’t here to lead you — we’re walking alongside you. Our marketing experts are happy to explain our ad campaign management process and teach you everything you want to know about the marketing world.

Ready To Start Your Kohl’s Advertising Journey?

What Do Kohl’s Ads Look Like?

Kohl’s has four types of ad placements you can take advantage of: onsite display, sponsored products, email and in-app push notifications.

Onsite Display

Place your products on banner ads on Kohl’s desktop and mobile website and app.

Sponsored Products

Feature your products across relevant pages. Sponsored product ads increase engagement and conversion and allow you to target ideal customers who are ready to buy.


Send promotional or inspirational product ads to Kohl’s 45+ million email subscribers through this high-ROI marketing channel.

In-App Push Notifications

Send short messages straight to Kohl’s 10+ million app users to encourage quick action. Notifications can be set based on events, locations, proximity and more.

What our clients are saying

We’re a small company, but they don’t treat us like a small company. Their team treats us like we're their biggest customer. We matter to them.
Jim Paschal | Owner | eCreamery

Our Promise To You:

Informative meetings

Organized weekly or bi-weekly to keep you fully informed, up-to-date and on budget as we scale your campaigns and grow your business

Clear reports

Delivered bi-weekly with live, 24/7 custom dashboards to easily and confidently track your campaign’s upwards progress by the minute

Fast communication

Guaranteed 24-hour email response times, with full Asana project access and direct Slack communication channels for transparency and trust

Real empowerment

We promise to ensure you understand, at all times, what we’re doing and why, empowering and sharpening your team with our marketing experience

Take your advertising campaign to the next level!

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Kohl’s Advertising FAQs

Where does Kohl’s advertise?

Kohl’s advertises through a variety of channels, including TV commercials, digital and social media ads, print advertisements and email campaigns. The company’s strong brand presence brings customers to its website, app and email list, and you can take advantage of this visibility and brand loyalty through Kohl’s Advertising.

What is Kohl’s Media Network?

Kohl’s Media Network is an advertising platform that allows brands and companies to reach a targeted audience of millions of customers. By partnering with Kohl’s, you can tap into their extensive customer base and utilize their data-driven insights to create effective and impactful advertising campaigns.

How does Kohl’s Advertising benefit my business?

You can increase your brand awareness and reach a large audience of potential customers by advertising with Kohl’s. With access to their customer data, you can tailor your ads to target specific demographics and interests, increasing the likelihood of conversion and ROI.

Are there any requirements to advertise with Kohl’s?

Yes. To join Kohl’s retail media website, you’ll need to be a marketplace vendor, merchandise vendor, work in Ad Tech or be an advertising agency. The application process includes filling out a supplier registration form and sharing basic company information, your Federal ID Number & DUNS Number and Diversity Certifications (if applicable).

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