The Leading Retail Specific Ad Management Platform

The ability to advertise on retail channels like Amazon, Target, and Walmart is a game changer. Maximizing your digital advertising ROI across all of these channels, without increasing spend, is more attainable than it sounds.

Our proprietary platform brings all of your digital ad campaigns from multiple retailers into one easy-to-use interface. Through rich multi- and cross-channel reporting, enhanced bid optimization, and enhanced keyword functions, your Search Nurture account manager can spend less time tinkering with the small stuff and more time amplifying the campaigns that drive sales.

$43K extra per week with the same spend.

ROI rose from 2.41 to 3.97,

Increasing return by65%

Rich Insights for Every Retail Channel, in One View

Ad campaign comparison across multiple channels is typically a time-consuming process that takes hours. A broad approach to out-reach can utilize Amazon Advertising, Walmart sponsored ads, Target, and Google. This sort of complexity requires a streamlined view though simple, interactive dashboards that pull performance data from all of your retail channels.

Which keywords are most effective? Which products are performing best in which channels? How well optimized are budget allocation and bidding?

SearchRAMP lays it all out for your team to quickly see where your ad spend has the most significant effect. It also allows you to create and bookmark flexible reports and observe trends and opportunities in real-time. Moreover, actions applied to one channel can transfer to others, so you get the most out of every optimization.

Increase Output & Maximize Performance

Grow your ad campaigns faster and with more accuracy than ever before. We created SearchRAMP to expand our managers reach while maintaining the same high standard for result quality. SearchRAMP assists your account manager, automating repetitive tasks and workflows, while making ad performance comparisons routine.

SearchRAMP provides the data and insights needed to make the best decisions for your campaigns, all while keeping the strategy, oversight, and optimization in capable human hands. Our specialists running your campaigns are enhanced. This platform gives them the ability to evaluate and enhance your ads across a growing list of retailers. This results in the ability to deliver stronger ROI and increased output, without additional investment.

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