Our proprietary retail marketing platform, displaying all your retail ads performance in one easily digestible dashboard.

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Multi-channel ad management can be a headache

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    Lost time

    Hours spent comparing performance across different retail ad platforms

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    Wasted budget

    Not clearly knowing what’s working and what isn’t

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    Decreased revenue

    Clicks, traffic and sales go down

Introducing SearchRAMP

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Search Nurture Spotlight

We built SearchRAMP to connect all of our retail data, so our Retail Experts can take action on the most important aspects of brand growth and give excellent reporting, using advanced insights and guided strategies. Not spending their time doing repetitive manual tasks.Spencer Padway | CEO | Search Nurture


Compare every campaign in one place

Easily identify which retail channel is driving the best return on one, quick-view dashboard.


Maximize ROI without increasing spend

Apply enhanced bid optimizations and keyword functions to further optimize spend and ROI.


Analyze and optimize campaigns in seconds

Streamline performance data into personalized reports and make one-click, bulk changes to campaigns.


    • Central dashboard with quick and clear insights
    • One, easy-to-use interface
    • Rich multi-channel reports
    • Automated tasks and workflows

Traditional retail ad management

    • Complicated campaign insights
    • Multiple platforms and tabs
    • Individual channel reports
    • Manual task management

Designed specifically for our retail clients and fully managed by Search Nurture experts for you at no extra cost

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What our clients are saying

They charge us a reasonable fee. Their customer service is fantastic, and their technical abilities are top-notch. Search Nurture’s a great company that I would recommend to anyone. Jim Paschal | Owner | eCreamery

Common SearchRAMP Questions

Answer: SearchRAMP is not a SaaS platform. Its complexity enables our highly trained account managers to deliver the greatest results to our clients. It provides advanced reporting and insights that can be accessed by our clients to help understand their brand performance like never before.

Answer: Search Nurture specializes in advertising and optimization. We excel at managing every aspect of your ad campaigns across all your retailers as well as Google, Facebook, and other platforms. We do have partners that specialize in other parts of the interaction, like negotiations and operations, and are more than happy to introduce you to serve your full-funnel needs.


SearchRAMP is built by an agency for an agency. We designed it for maximum returns, not simplicity. We use our Data > Insights > Action model so everyone understands where the brand stands, what the best action is, and how we can take that for the best return.

SaaS platforms aren’t just built for agencies, they’re built for brands and agencies, small and big. This means that they have to spend a lot of time and money making the dashboards as simple as possible. This damages functionality, speed, and innovation because you have to account for bug potentials and the various different user uses. 

SearchRAMP is built to provide the best insights and return on investment.

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Let's elevate your
brand together!

Hi there! I'm Lindsay, the Business Development Manager at Search Nurture. I speak to a lot of different business owners, VPs, brand managers and marketing managers. Some know they need to be more competitive in their market but just don't have the knowledge. Some have the knowledge but lack the support to implement everything they need to do. Some just need to get some clarity and guidance on their digital strategy moving forward.

Whatever your problems are, I'm here to offer a helping hand and answer any questions you may have.

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