Retail Ads Management Platform

retail ad management, all in one place

Retail ads have emerged as one of the highest RoAS ad types because they reach customers at the point of transaction. Amazon led the way, and other retailers are now following. The quickest way to earn bigger purchase orders and better shelf space is with well managed retail ads.



How are brands supposed to manage Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Google Sponsored Product Ads with different platforms at the same time?



The answer is SearchRAMP or Search Retail Ads Management Platform by Search Nurture. SearchRAMP enables account managers to see all of their retail channel ad results in one place and manage them efficiently and effectively at scale. Tools in SearchRAMP allow managers to save hundreds of hours while still managing campaigns for maximum return. You can compare and contrast campaigns, products, and keywords across retailers to see what is working where, and adjust your approach.

Search Nurture took over management

More Control Through In-Depth Reporting

Keeping track of what ROI your ads are generating across retailers can be difficult. Not to mention keyword effectiveness and product performance. Comparing ads covering multiple channels usually takes hours. SearchRAMP consolidates this information, allowing you to evaluate ad performance collectively or by individual retailers. Dashoards are fully customizable to suit your individual needs. With a birds eye view of your ad campaigns, you’re able to quickly see trends and opportunities for improvement anytime.

Take a look at a sample dashboard here.

Global Application

The results of SearchRAMP have been exceptional stateside, and it’s ready to be implemented all over the world. Imagine creating a campaign in the US then applying it to the Australian, British, and South African markets simultaneously. The inevitable meetings and planning associated with ad campaigns in different markets is cut down to one, freeing up your resources for further expansion.

Optimal Efficiency, Higher ROI

You benefit from your account manager’s increased output, with no additional investment. SearchRAMP eliminates time consuming processes allowing your account manager to focus on optimizing your campaigns. SearchRAMP translates time gained to an increased output.


< ROI rose from 2.41 to 3.97, increasing return 65% or $1.56 in return for each dollar spent. For the same spend this generated an extra $43,000 per week.

Not Automated, Just Streamlined

The SearchRAMP tool enables and assists expert account managers, but doesn’t automate their work. Certain tasks are streamlined but a human is always overseeing the results and actions of your campaigns. You need the instincts only years of experience in the industry can give, but a technological boost helps us outperform the competition.

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