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Lindsey McAndrews

Head of Operations

Lindsey is our Head of Paid Media Acquisition and has been working in paid marketing for over 16 years. Since graduating from the University of Nebraska with a BSBA and MBA in Marketing & Advertising, she’s overseen campaigns and projects with clients of all sizes, and particularly relishes the challenges of working with smaller clients.

For Lindsey, when you’re her client, your business is her business. She sees the bigger picture and recognizes her work can make a real impact in someone’s life. She’s calculated and caring, and for her, every decision matters. You can be sure that if she wouldn’t make a particular decision for her own business, then you can bet she won’t do it for yours.

Lindsey’s care doesn’t stop there either! Outside of work, she finds her balance and quality of life by spending time with her family and taking care of her kid