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Savannah Alexander

Sr. Director of People

Meet Savannah, our Sr. Director of People at Search Nurture!

Savannah always knew she wanted to help people, which is why she started her career by earning her bachelor’s degree in Human Resources from Texas A&M University. She joined us in 2019 as the very first member of our People department and has been integral in the growth at Search Nurture. With her infectious enthusiasm and passion for nurturing an incredible workplace culture, Savannah’s role is all about creating an environment where everyone thrives. She’s the mastermind behind our top-notch team – from leading the recruiting team to source exceptional talent to supporting the growth and development of our existing team members.

Savannah’s approach is a perfect blend of heart and logic. She leads with empathy and compassion, making sure that every decision is guided by what’s best for the team. But she also uses data to make informed choices ensures that we’re always on the right track.

When she’s not in the office, Savannah loves to channel her energy into staying active. You’ll often find her breaking a sweat during workouts, soaking up the great outdoors, or embarking on new adventures with her family.