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Search Nurture Joins Amazon Advertising Partner Network

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A natural next step for this Amazon Early Adopter

Search Nurture, a full-stack digital marketing agency, recently announced that it has joined the Amazon Advertising Partner Network. 

The Amazon Advertising Partner Network was created as a centralized resource for digital agencies and tool providers to better meet the needs of their clients that use Amazon as an eCommerce solution. Top marketing agencies around the world have taken the opportunity to partner with Amazon, and Search Nurture intends to remain competitive with all of them.

According to the firm, this new collaboration is sure to have positive results for their clients. By entering into this partnership, Search Nurture gains access to an array of tools, educational resources, and other marketing resources. 

The agency’s team members will be able to earn and display certifications that indicate their areas of expertise. These will be used to offer better advertising services to clients that rely on Amazon as a source of sales and revenue. 

This partnership will also serve as a great resource for brands that are interested in adding Amazon as an additional sales and advertising platform.

Membership in the partnership may include early access to products, beta programs, and assistance with campaign strategies. All of these resources will be used to maximize Search Nurture’s ability to serve brands that want to make the most of their Amazon advertising.

The leadership team at Search Nurture is eager to put this partnership into action. They predict the benefits of joining the network will be clear immediately. Further, leadership says:

“Search Nurture is delighted to continue working with Amazon in an official Partner capacity. From the day we started as Early Adopters of their API, to today and onward, we have leveraged our partnership and API access to create a platform and service that is unmatchable. Amazon continuously adds new features that we’re more than excited to implement to give our customers the best insights, returns, and enable our account managers to give the highest level of service possible. Amazon and Search Nurture have had a great partnership and we’re happy to see it’s continued growth.”

Spencer Padway | CEO | Search Nurture

Search Nurture is a boutique agency that provides customized advertising and marketing solutions. To help ensure that their clients get the undivided they deserve, account managers are given client caps. Ultimately, they act as an extension of the client’s team. 

Search Nurture also takes a unique approach to client engagement by focusing on client education. Clients never feel out of the loop, as they have the chance to learn about best practices in digital marketing processes, as well.

Search Nurture offers omnichannel expertise, including paid and organic search, written content, and social media advertising.

Their eCommerce marketing services include Walmart and InstaCart, in addition to Amazon. All services are specifically targeted to brands that are interested in expanding their eCommerce reach.

Search Nurture’s partnership with Amazon is just one more example of their willingness to invest in tools and technology to enhance their client’s paid advertising efforts. 

Search Nurture also offers a proprietary ad management platform, SearchRAMP. This allows users to monitor and compare advertising campaigns across multiple platforms. The capabilities provided via this dashboard are predicted to dovetail nicely with the Amazon Advertising Partner Network.

About Search Nurture

This boutique agency works in true partnerships with retail brands to help them get more out of their retail advertising. Thanks to scalable campaign management and valuable insights, brands can rely on their account managers to help them boost their eCommerce efforts.


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