What is Lowe’s Advertising?

Last Updated: May 8, 2024

Advertising success on Amazon, Facebook, and Google is becoming increasingly challenging and expensive. Despite these platforms’ efforts to make things “easier,” it’s actually becoming harder for eCommerce businesses to profit, with too many advertisers competing for a top spot. It means you need to get smart about how you advertise.

Fortunately for those in the home improvement industry, reaching your target audience is a bit easier because you can access your niche market through Lowe’s One Roof Media Network.

The One Roof Media Network is Lowe’s advertising program streamlining campaigns for businesses. It allows you to promote your products on lowes.com, in front of the brand’s 45 million+ weekly web visitors, and on its media partner’s websites and platforms. If you have products that fit the home improvement and lifestyle niche, joining Lowe’s One Roof Media Network is a no-brainer advertising plan.

Why Lowe’s Advertising?

More than 100 million customers trust Lowe’s brand across three different countries. The home improvement giant brought in more than $86 billion in sales in 2023. And with a customer base of 75% DIYers and 25% professionals, partnering with Lowe’s offers diversity and growing traffic opportunities for small and medium eCommerce businesses.

Lowe’s One Room Media Network has been around since 2021, and in early beta tests some partners saw over 1,000% return on ad spend. So, it’s safe to say testing went well. The advertising platform moved entirely in-house in 2023, streamlining the end-to-end experience for shoppers. Advertisers now have unmatched visibility into first-party customer data so they can reach the right customers and make a bigger impact in the marketplace.

Lowe’s One Roof Media Network

Lowe’s Advertising Solutions

Brands looking to increase sales within the home improvement category can leverage the Lowe’s brand by advertising their products in the One Roof Media Network. To help you boost brand recognition and sales, Lowe’s advertising offers a strategic approach and omnichannel solutions. According to its website, this includes:

  • Robust audience targeting
  • Premium native display ads
  • Sponsored product ads
  • Audience extension with programmatic activation
  • Social media partnerships, and
  • Closed-loop measurement and insights.

Sounds fancy. But if you’re not an advertising expert, you might not know what these strategies mean. So, let’s talk about them.

Robust Audience Targeting

Simply advertising on Lowe’s website will help narrow your advertising efforts to a more targeted audience. But the One Roof Media Network has also developed strong keyword and category-based targeting that helps brands place ads on the most relevant searches within lowes.com and beyond.

These details help to ensure that your ads get in front of the customers who are looking for your specific products and categories. It allows brands to be more specific and intentional with their ad placements, which will lead to a higher return on ad spend (RoAS).

Premium Native Display

Native advertising is a type of paid advertising that makes your ads appear as though they’re an organic part of the website in which they appear. That means, on lowes.com, your ads will fit the website’s look instead of sticking out like a sore thumb. This helps for a few reasons:

  • Your ads will appear as if they’re coming directly from Lowe’s, a trusted brand.
  • Your ads won’t really look like ads, but rather fit “natively” into the site.
  • Your ads won’t disrupt the user shopping experience.

Lowe’s advertising with native display ads allows your brand to be seen as potential buyers are browsing through lowes.com. You’ll be right in front of their eyes when they’re ready to make a purchase, but it won’t come off too pushy.

Sponsored Product Ads

If you sell garden pruners, you want to get in front of the DIYers searching lowes.com for gardening equipment. With Lowe’s advertising, you can do just that—strategically position your product in front of these shoppers with sponsored product ads.

The sponsored sale products are integrated into Lowe’s product grid, guaranteeing visibility of any product or category you’ve chosen to bid on, and therefore increasing your chance of a sale.

Audience Extension With Programmatic Activation

This is a sophisticated digital marketing strategy that allows you to expand your reach beyond lowes.com without having to venture outside Lowe’s advertising platform. Programmatic buying targets your audience on other platforms and websites by understanding where your buyers may be looking outside of Lowe’s.

Through programmatic activation, eCommerce businesses can maximize their ad spend by targeting the users most likely to be interested in their products or services, no matter where they’re browsing.

Social Media Partnerships

Social media accounts for nearly 30% of all digital advertising spend in 2024. But you don’t have to build up a massive following to utilize the power of social media advertising—you can do it through Lowe’s advertising platform.

This partnership allows your ads to be seen by potential customers on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. By leveraging Lowe’s audience data and targeting capabilities, you can reach a highly engaged audience interested in home improvement and DIY projects.

Closed-Loop Measurement And Insights

You don’t have to guess how your campaigns are performing with Lowe’s advertising. The One Roof Media Network has robust reporting options that show how your keywords or categories are performing, allowing you to focus your budget on the working strategies and back down on those that aren’t. Plus, with real-time analytics and reporting, you can track the success of your campaigns and make adjustments to optimize performance.

Benefits of Lowe’s Advertising

Not convinced you need Lowe’s in your advertising strategy yet? Let’s run through some of the biggest benefits of Lowe’s advertising. 

  • Your brand gains trust by partnering with a trusted brand.
  • You narrow your target audience to those interested in home improvement, DIY projects and building professionals.
  • You get unique access to Lowe’s 100 million-plus customers across multiple platforms, including lowes.com and social media platforms.
  • You gain access to advanced data and reporting to ensure your ad spend is going to the right place.

Capturing attention from a specific audience is getting harder on social media. Advertisers are needing to crank out more content to appeal to each customer in every stage of their buying journeys, increasing the cost and hands required to drive results.

This is why companies like Kohler, GE Lighting, Samsung and more than 100 others started beta testing with Lowe’s back in 2021. And remember, some of those brands generated returns on investment of over 1,000%.

For companies with smaller budgets, using retailer networks like Lowe’s One Roof Media Network is a wise move. This allows them to move away from the nonsense noise companies are making on social media and instead strategically invest their budget where it will gain the most traction.

Get Started with Lowe’s Advertising 

To get started with Lowe’s advertising, you’ll first need to get approved as a Lowe’s supplier. You can contact the Lowe’s team via email at lowesoneroofmedianetwork@lowes.com to get the ball rolling.

Although Lowe’s has strong customer service, know that you’ll still need to be your own advertising expert when running your campaign on the One Roof Media Network. That means you’ll need to stay on top of your reports and make necessary adjustments, or you risk throwing your dollars out the window. 

Don’t have time to deal with the nitty gritty of Lowe’s advertising? We’re happy to help. Schedule a free call with Search Nurture, tell us about your business, and we’ll set up your account and campaigns for you. Our team of eCommerce experts is well-versed in Lowe’s advertising, and we’ll check in on your campaigns daily to make appropriate adjustments to get you the most significant return on your ad spend.

Omnichannel advertising is easy when you have a team of qualified advertising experts on your side. We have more than a decade of experience and unique reporting tools to decrease the learning curve and get you to start seeing faster results on Lowe’s advertising.How can we help you achieve your goals? Let’s talk about it. Schedule a call today to meet the team and get a complimentary advertising analysis.


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